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Posted on 11/05/2018 in Marketing for Orthodontists

What is BidMySmile? An Orthodontist's perspective

What is BidMySmile? An Orthodontist's perspective

Author: This is a guest post by a BidMySmile Provider

As an orthodontist, and considering the ever-evolving alternative portaging of orthodontic treatment options available to consumers, I am constantly searching for the best way to deliver beautiful and healthy smiles to my patients. The services that BidMySmile provided surprised me immensely, as they immediately highlighted these important qualities of my practice: Convenience, Transparency, and Simplified Access to Care.

BidMySmile is a Virtual Orthodontic Consultation Service that provides parents and patients with the pertinent information they need to know about their case in order to make an informed choice; including treatment time, insurance benefits, payment plans and prices associated with each type treatment they’re considering (metal braces, clear/ceramic braces, clear aligners and retainers). Now, all I need to do is simply provide online quotes to patients, and that is the most efficient way for me to get well-informed, pre-qualified and motivated patients started in treatment. It is also worth noting, BidMySmile only works with residency-certified Orthodontic Specialists and does not facilitate quotes for treatment between patients and general dentists.

The virtual consultation service saves me time as an orthodontist because I won't be making unnecessary appointments and consultations for patients who ultimately may not be interested in my services. But the benefits of this service aren’t just for me virtual orthodontic consultations also save parents and patients valuable time, since they don’t have to come to my office to get the information they need about my practice. Additionally, they will be able to choose the option that best suits them in terms of treatment type, treatment duration, price, payment options and, they will start when they have all this information and are completely informed and ready.

If you are an orthodontist like me, and you want to know more about how BidMySmile works, you’ll want to start here. Then, create an account for each location you want associated with the BidMySmile Network. That way, you’ll get patients who are informed, accessible and ready to work with you. By the way, your profile isn’t searchable or viewable to the general public. It’s only accessible by registered parents and patients – those to whom you have provided a quote.

Before you take full advantage of the network, you’ll need to provide payment information for the monthly subscription. You also want to set some time aside to fill out your practice profile. I found out that the more information that you give on your profile, the higher chance you’ll have of winning bids and getting more patients referred through the service. Patients aren’t going to trust you if they don’t know you, after all.

Once you have your profile filled out, it’s time to start providing quotes! In my experience, this is not difficult at all. I receive the requests for bids directly to my email account, and once I receive them, I only must log into my BidMySmile dashboard:

Here, I can view pending bid requests: 

Then, open the bid request, and view the patient profile and pictures.

Image 21 Treatment type.JPG

If you think that the patient is the perfect one for you, send and submit a Bid-Offer, and you will receive an email to confirm the request.

From there, the orthodontist selection process is up to the patient. In this final step, the patients receive an email indicating that they have a Bid-Offer to review. If a patient selects your quote, then congratulations! You will receive an email that says that your quote was accepted.

When you get that email, have your treatment coordinator log into your account as soon as possible, review the patient information, call them up and schedule the in-person consultation. The scheduling process is that much shorter because many of the questions a patient may have had about treatment, the virtual consultation service and your profile has already answered for them! The choice to move forward with treatment once the parent and patient visit my office and meet me in person, is non-binding for the patients and the quote I provided through the virtual ortho consult service is not guaranteed until the patient is fully examined and proper records are made in order to confirm the online diagnosis. This is a win-win, all around.

BidMySmile gave me the best-of-both-worlds solution I always dreamed of having. I now work directly with people who are 100% ready to start orthodontic treatment. My patients now work with an orthodontist who offers a transparent, no-hassle portrait of herself and her practice. The trust we share today has generated optimum success for my practice and most importantly, optimum convenience and results for the brand-new smiles of my happy patients.

Whether it is metal or ceramic braces, clear aligners or retainers, my practice now provides personalized online quotes and personalized services that better suits the needs of patients and ourselves, as an orthodontic specialty practice. 

I recommend giving BidMySmile a visit and discover if their virtual orthodontic consultation service might be a good fit for your practice.

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