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Posted By Beglin Orthodontics on 09/21/2017 in Meeting

Dr. Herb Hughes

Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
1601 Bayside Dr, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625, USA

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Meeting Date: October 27, 2017

Speaker: Dr. Herb Hughes , Alexandria, Virginia

Sponsor: 3M Oral Care

Topic: Accelerated orthodontics is desired by both the patient and orthodontist. Many companies are promoting short term orthodontics and making claims that their appliances can straighten teeth in only 6 months. What they fail to communicate is that their results are often unstable. One of the major contributors to relapse is an unstable interdigitation of occluding teeth. Establishing the proper first premolar relationship is the key to the Crossbow/Forsus success and its’ long term stability. Another benefit of utilizing this treatment philosophy is a significant reduction (-10 months) in the time patients wear braces. Providing accelerated treatment and delivering excellent results can be achieved with the use of the Crossbow/Forsus Combo.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to resolve class II malocclusions in the first 6 months of treatment by treating the worst first.
  • Describe the fabrication, installation, monitoring and removal of the Crossbow/Forsus appliance.
  • Explore multiple case examples showing visit by visit mechanics and long term stability.
  • Master micro esthetics and deliver macro results.
  • Reveal clinical and magical secrets that will levitate your practice.

Dr. Hughes’ educational and entertaining presentations are action packed with many clinical, administrative and marketing pearls. He shares 30 years of practicing orthodontics and performing magic.

Location: Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club, 1601 Bayside Drive, Corona del Mar, Ca. 92625

Time: 8:30 AM Breakfast, 9:00 AM Introductions and Announcements

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