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Intelligent Mobile Ads For Orthodontists

The future of advertising

What Are Locally-Targeted Intelligent Mobile Ads for Orthodontists? 

Locally-targeted intelligent mobile ads are banner ads that display on mobile phones and tablets based on their location. Imagine being able to show your ad to a potential patient while they are sitting in a competitor's office or showing an ad just to those who live within a certain radius of your practice. This is made possible with SelectBraces' Intelligent Mobile Ads for Orthodontists. 

Example of Banner Ad:



How Do Intelligent Mobile Ads Benefit Orthodontists? 

Increase your exposure 

Potential new patients and parents spend more than three hours each day on their mobile devices. SelectBraces has partnered with more than 1,000 apps to give you access to more than 1 billion monthly impressions. Within these billion impressions, we deliver your ads only to your most relevant audience, which increases your exposure to the right people, at the right place and at the right time... when they're making orthodontic treatment decisions. 

Get more patients 

Did you know that a digital coupon is 10x more likely to be redeemed than a paper coupon? With SelectBrace's mobile ad solution, we design a great looking mobile landing page for you and give you the ability to have people tap to get directions, tap to download a coupon or tap to call you. This allows you to see immediate results from your advertisements. See sample mobile landing page and coupon.

Example of Landing Page & Coupon

Track your ROI 

When you sign up for intelligent mobile ads, you get a monthly report showing exactly how your advertising campaign is working. No more guessing if your advertising dollars are going to the right place. 

How to get started for as little as $100/month 

1. Sign up by contacting us 
2. We'll give you a call and plan out the advertising campaign to meet your objectives
3. We'll design and code the landing page and banner ad for your business, and get your approval.
4. Your ad will be displayed across our ad network.
5. Start receiving calls and visits.
6. We'll send your monthly analytics report. 

Brief Overview of Intelligent Mobile Ads for Orthodontists 

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