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Alcohol Detox Newport Beach

Alcohol Detox Newport Beach

Sober Partners offers highly effective alcohol detox in Newport Beach for women at the lowest price. We are a licensed and accredited rehab with numerous positive reviews and hundreds of success stories.

Importance of alcohol detox 

Alcohol detox treatment marks the first step of a long-term recovery process at most treatment centers in Newport Beach. Medical detox is the process of using specific medications to cleanse the body of toxins and mimic the effects products by alcohol. The detox treatment also reduces the pain and discomfort you experience as the drugs leave your body and help you have a pain-free recovery.

Our drug rehab in Orange County prepares our clients physically and psychologically for a long-term recovery process. Recovering addicts enjoy access to around-the-clock medical care and receive personal care and support from a highly experienced clinical team throughout their stay with us. Completing the medical detox treatment is your best bet at recovery if you are trying to recover from a severe or long-term addiction disorder.

What are the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal?

Common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, confusion, fatigue, headaches, heart palpitations, heightened blood pressure, etc. In extreme cases, patients experience a condition called delirium tremens.

1 in 20 recovering addicts experiences DTs, which can cause seizures and have fatal consequences. It is pivotal that you stay in the close supervision of a clinical team during recovery to prevent any such adverse withdrawal symptoms. We are one of the top-rated Newport beach drug and alcohol rehab centers with the lowest staff-to-client ratio and an experienced medical team to administer medical detox.

How long is the detox process?

The entire detox process can take anywhere from a few days to months. While the alcohol itself leaves the body within a couple of days, the cravings may last weeks or even months after you quit. Besides, the substance abuse, the frequency of abuse, the severity of the addiction disorder, and several other factors can affect the length of your detox process.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, and shaking begin within 24 - 48 hours of your last consumption. The symptoms usually reach their peak within 72 hours, with patients experiencing seizures, fever, hallucinations, etc., during this phase. After the first week, the withdrawal symptoms taper off. Rated among the top detox facilities in Newport Beach, we alleviate the cravings in recovering addicts with therapy after the detoxification treatment.

Top reasons to choose us for alcohol detox

Our drug rehab in Newport Beach, CA, encompasses the finest amenities, first-class accommodations and provides recovering addicts with chef-prepared meals three times a day. Our patients receive personalized detox treatment and participate in counseling and therapy sessions alongside detoxification to garner the best outcome in recovery.

Reach us at 844-262-8701 to verify your insurance with us. With an exclusive program for alcohol detox in Newport Beach for women, Sober Partners offers gender and age-specific treatments at budget-friendly prices. We make your recovery journey less intimidating and more memorable by engaging you in a series of individual, group, and family therapy sessions. Contact us now to get started on a life-transforming journey.

Alcohol Detox Newport Beach
Sober Partners
Alcohol Detox Newport Beach
3419 Via Lido #241
Newport Beach CA 92663

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Alcohol Detox Newport Beach Alcohol Detox Newport Beach Alcohol Detox Newport Beach Alcohol Detox Newport Beach