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Cheapest Invisalign San Antonio

Cheapest Invisalign in San Antonio

People blessed with that “million-dollar smile” with perfectly aligned teeth are probably not aware of the problems faced by those with severe dental imperfections. Properly chewed food is essential to good digestion but that is not the main reason people want to align their crooked teeth. They simply want to improve their appearance as it has been proven that people with unattractive teeth do not fare well in business and social circles.

Before 1999 the most common corrective treatment to re-align teeth were the silver toned metal braces. The wearer of metal braces might have experienced a nickname change from “Bucky” to “Metal Mouth” and had to experience up to a three-year ordeal.

Metal braces were permanently attached to the teeth and could only be removed by an orthodontist at the conclusion of treatment. Locking braces during a kiss is a teenage myth, but the wearer will have food and drink restrictions, will have to go through uncomfortable wire tightening procedures and deal with the issues of removing food that gets stuck in the braces and with daily brushing and flossing.

The Future has Arrived

Align Technology unveiled the first invisible orthodontic product with their Invisalign system as the 21st century approached and by 2001 they could rightfully boast of over one million aligners being made. The sufferings of those with metal braces were replaced with the easy task of removing the invisible aligner when eating and flossing and with no loss of the corrective power of metal braces. Align Technology continues to improve using new aligner materials and 3D printing techniques to give people the smile they deserve.

The remaining question for most people is: How to search for a qualified orthodontist trained in Invisalign treatments? Orthodontics is a separate branch of dentistry and an online search for orthodontics will yield mostly general dentistry results.

The answer is to search using the website SelectBraces.com to conduct your search. The SelectBraces directory contains only orthodontists who are accredited by CODA or CDAC and excludes any general dentistry listings.

In San Antonio, Texas there are 18 listed orthodontists in a 20-mile radius in the SelectBraces directory and you are then two clicks away from the orthodontist’s website where you can see if they include Invisalign in their practice.

Another great feature of the SelectBraces web page is the Ask-An-Orthodontist section where you can find answers to basic questions like “Do Braces Hurt?” to more complex questions concerning treatment, scheduling an appointment and the costs of orthodontics like Invisalign aligners. Your search for the cheapest Invisalign in San Antonio will be finished in a few minutes.

SelectBraces offers the cheapest Invisalign in San Antonio. They also serve qualified orthodontists looking for more patients, support, and information. One feature is a five-day free trial with Reputation Management for Orthodontists. Perhaps your practice needs a little “straightening” as far as a public relations and customer reviews are concerned. Protecting a reputation cannot be understated especially in anything related to medical care.

Orthodontists and potential patients will be helped by the SelectBraces website so the first call you should make after reading this article is to call 614-726-1878 or use the online form to send SelectBraces your questions about Invisalign and anything related to orthodontics.

Cheapest Invisalign San Antonio
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Cheapest Invisalign San Antonio Cheapest Invisalign San Antonio Cheapest Invisalign San Antonio