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Article provided by: Miller Comfort Dental

Dentist In Lakeville

Visiting your dentist in Lakeville is more than just about a basic cleaning or whitening. We are capable of various advanced procedures that will protect the integrity of your teeth and facial structure. Of course, you should be thoroughly evaluated before requesting any of the procedures mentioned below.

Tooth Removal

Sometimes teeth are too crowded, out of position or rotted beyond repair. If a dentist sees fit, a tooth removal may be in order. A widely recognized example would be the removal of wisdom teeth that overcrowd the jaws of most people.

Bridging Teeth

Having a missing tooth is more than a superficial problem. Once you leave that gap empty, neighboring teeth may begin to start shifting. This is why a bridge is implanted in its place. Consulting with a dentist in Lakeville, and hopefully, with us, you will be evaluated if you are eligible for this procedure.

A bridge may be performed using a metal implant in the gums, fixed bridges, or removable dentures. The implant may then be cemented or clasped in place to fit in with the surrounding teeth and restoring the integrity of the dental structure.

Dental Braces

Alignment issues, like an overbite or under bite, are usually correctable with a set of braces. The braces will put a decent amount of pressure on the teeth but the discomfort will go away eventually.

Braces have a bit of a stigma attached to it due to its off-putting look, but that is no longer the case. There are now a wide variety of discreet options, including ceramic brace or multi-colored elastics.

After putting having braces fitted, you will still need to put lots of care in taking care of them. This includes regular brushing, avoiding hard or sticky foods, adjusting the elastic ties and going in for checkups with your dentist in Lakeville.


Decay, which is usually identified by brown or black spots, is usually treated by fillings. The dentist will clean out the decay and put in Amalgam or silver into the cavity spot.

Filling materials may be metal (like gold or silver) or tooth-colored plastic fillings. Ceramic is also a material that is gaining in popularity among patients.

Bonding Teeth

Partially chipped, decayed or fractured teeth may be bonded in order to fill in undesired gaps between teeth. Tooth-colored resin will be applied to the patent's teeth in order to revive the teeth and give them a natural appearance. In the end, the dentist may use a laser or UV light to properly harden them.

This procedure is also useful for older individuals that want to give their aged teeth a youthful look. If it is used in children, the resin may need a replacement as the child jaw and teeth grow.

Here at Miller Comfort Dental, our focus is providing high-quality dental procedures for the locals of Lakeville. If there is something bothering you about your teeth or you are overdue for a check-up, come into our office and we will take care of you. You may also give us a call at (952) 388-1778.

Dentist In Lakeville
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