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drug rehab Ventura County

drug rehab Ventura County

We invite you to Enlight Treatment Center for a smooth, rejuvenating, and unique rehabilitation experience. Our facility offers premier drug rehab in Ventura County, impeccable recovery services, and patient-oriented dual diagnosis treatment.

What happens on a typical day in rehab?

Your rehab experience may vary from that of a different patient due to differences in symptoms, addiction conditions, mental health issues, etc. Generally, however, your day will begin with a nutritious and delicious breakfast, followed by therapy, medication management, and counseling sessions, according to the program. You will also engage in recreational activities under our professionals’ guidance and supervision and psychotherapy to address internalized mental and emotional traumas.

The afternoons may generally include therapeutic sessions and group therapy meetings, aiming to deal with anger management, guilt, grief, etc. Each day comes with specific recreational sessions, including sports, yoga, meditation, hiking, and even pool swimming.

We strive to make the rehabilitation process an unforgettable experience for each of our patients, helping them stabilize, relax, and focus on recovery and healing. You will also get the opportunity to interact with other community members during our substance use services and exchange moral and spiritual support along the way. Our staff is always on-site, supervising patient activities and interactions, and ready to assist whenever necessary.

Why rehab is critical for treating drug addiction

Our alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA, is vital for overcoming drug addiction fast and effectively. To ensure optimal long-term results, our rehab treatment involves:

  • Structured substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County – The detoxification process stands as one of the core procedures for overcoming withdrawal, stabilizing the nervous system, and cleansing the body of toxins. It helps patients regain their mental and emotional composure and allows them to control cravings and prevent relapse.
  • Psychotherapy sessions – Procedures like CBT, DBT, or EMDR are key to tackling internalized trauma and unveiling the underlying mental or emotional problems patients deal with. In many cases, these hidden issues are responsible for triggering the addictive behavior while impacting the patients’ recovery process dramatically at the same time. We rely on psychotherapy sessions to promote introspection, honesty, and transparency, helping people come to terms with their problems and find long-lasting solutions.
  • Recreational therapy – Our drug rehab and alcohol treatment includes recreational activities meant to uplift the spirit and help patients bond with one another.
  • Relapse prevention training and education – Learning how to avoid social and familial triggers and prevent relapse over the years is essential for a healthy and stable lifestyle post-rehab. Our rehab team will provide you with insight in the ideal relapse prevention tips, allowing you to embrace a healthier and more stable lifestyle over the years.

If you’re interested in our unique drug rehab in Ventura County, call our team at 1-866-604-0727. Enlight Treatment Center offers patient-oriented recovery services, leading detox treatment, and a serene and welcoming rehabilitation environment with luxury amenities and extra comfort. This is your chance to quit addiction and start a new, healthier life next to the people you love.

drug rehab Ventura County
Enlight Treatment Center
424 333-5503
drug rehab Ventura County
11811 Darlene Lane
Moorpark CA 90365

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drug rehab Ventura County drug rehab Ventura County drug rehab Ventura County drug rehab Ventura County