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West Kendall Urgent Care

West Kendall Urgent Care

Top Benefits of Being Treated in the West Kendall Urgent Care Facility:

- You’re always welcome at Family Medical Clinic. Unlike other so-called walk-in clinics that become overcrowded to the point that it’s not possible to be treated, or require that you call before you come in, Family Medical Clinic welcomes walk-in patients with open arms. Friendly medical staff are waiting to offer caring treatment and urgent care when you need it most. In fact, they’re not just considered a walk-in clinic, they mean it!

- Family Medical Clinic offers primary and specialty care for a full spectrum of treatment for you and your family, but FMC is more than just another care facility- they offer immediate and urgent care following accidents and injuries and are open late into the night to treat your injuries, including minor emergencies, sprains, strains, cuts & lacerations, wounds & burns, minor fractures and more- and can perform minor surgical procedures when they’re necessary. To save you time and streamline your treatment, Family Medical Clinic has an in-house lab for testing, screening and diagnostics.

- No other West Kendall urgent care facility is as dedicated to your care as Family Medical Clinic. Their staff knows your urgent medical treatment is an important step in your recovery and health, therefore they will take all the time necessary with their patients to provide the highest quality of medical care. After urgent care, it’s up to you to follow the medical plan that has been prescribed for your injuries.

- If you’ve been in an accident of any kind, it’s essential that you are seen in a West Kendall Urgent Care facility as soon as possible. Family Medical Clinic treats patients after auto accidents, boating accidents, work accidents, bicycle accidents, bus accidents, pedestrian accidents and slip & falls. Their staff will manage the documentation and reporting of the accident to your insurance company and connect you with a local attorney who can help you recover damages lost from the accident. It surprises many patients to learn that unless they are seen by a medical facility within 14 days of the accident, they can lose all legal rights to compensation under the law. That means you can forfeit the right to take your case to court and recover your medical bills.

- Following an accident, the first step in treatment is in receiving an accurate diagnosis of injury. Even if you’re not in any pain whatsoever, you may have suffered an injury. The West Kendall Urgent Care facility can provide a thorough evaluation to ensure you are injury free- and if they happen to find you have indeed been injured, they’ll provide the best care in Kendall for expedient recovery.

Schedule an appointment or simply walk in the clinic to receive top quality medical care following an accident or injury. Family Medical Clinic is interested in helping you recover, and offers a shorter wait time than in a hospital ER, with no appointment necessary.

West Kendall Urgent Care

Why Choose Family Medical Clinic as Your West Kendall Urgent Care

west kendall urgent care         Affordability. For family urgent medical care that costs a fraction of what you’d pay in the ER, FMC is your best option. If your injuries are life threatening, you should be seen in the Emergency Room; for all other injuries, Family Medical Clinic is able to provide treatment at a cost that better fits your budget. And FMC is able to offer you something the ER cannot- if ...
Family Medical Clinic
(305) 306 1557
West Kendall Urgent Care
11077 Biscayne Blvd
Miami Fl 33161

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West Kendall Urgent Care West Kendall Urgent Care West Kendall Urgent Care West Kendall Urgent Care