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Posted by Beglin Orthodontics on 01/30/2017

How do I know if my child needs braces?

Does my child need braces? What to look for.... BeglinSmiles.com

0:01[Music]0:05it's not always easy to know if your0:08child needs braces or not some signs or0:11habits that you may look for our finger0:14or thumb sucking if your child is a0:17mouth-breather that could be of some0:19concern for bite related issues down the0:21line early or late loss of baby teeth or0:25even missing baby teeth can be an issue0:27are their jaws and proportion with the0:30rest of the face something else that is0:32indication for that treatment our joint0:34sounds meaning when they open or closed0:36her mouth to their joints pop do they0:38make sounds or do their jobs shift upon0:41closure that could also be another sign0:43for the dying treatment as well0:49american association of orthodontists0:52recommends that all children be seen by0:54an orthodontist no later than the ages 70:57an orthodontist has two to three years0:59of extra specialized education beyond1:02dental school giving them the ability to1:05pick up on subtle problems that may1:06present your child at an early age1:13some of the misconceptions that parents1:15may have about bringing a child into an1:17orthodontist at early age or that for1:20one that they need a referral Majel1:23dentist and this is not true1:25many times parents can anticipate that1:27something is going on with her child's1:29bite or jaws and at that time should1:32bring the child and to see the1:33orthodontist1:34another misconception i find is that1:36parents wait for all their child adult1:38teeth to erupt and again by bringing1:41your child into an orthodontist at an1:43early age you are aligned orthodontist1:46to make a decision as to whether or not1:47treatment is needed in the first place1:49but also that if team is necessary what1:52is the appropriate time for that to1:53begin with1:54[Music]1:59at the first appointment or the dinosaur2:01looking for several factors when a child2:04comes in2:04orthodontist conducts a quick and easy2:07exam where they're evaluating namely the2:09patient's face initially to look at the2:12direction of growth of the jaws and to2:15see if they're growing proportion to2:16each other and we're looking at the2:18child's teeth does a child have a deep2:20by to have a cross-buy to they have open2:23bite or do they have spacing or crowding2:26the other teeth and is the issue severe2:28enough to indicate orthodontic treatment2:32[Music]2:35most children if treatment is needed2:37will actually start or the dietary2:40between the ages 9-14 it is rare but not2:43unheard of that some children might2:45receive orthodontic therapy before this2:48age depending on their needs2:51[Music]2:55depending on the case some of the new2:57breakthroughs available for children2:59today include brackets that are small3:02and sleek that can either be tied in3:05with colorful elastics or they actually3:07can close on their own3:09additionally depending on the child's3:11case the child may have ceramic brackets3:14which are the color of their teeth or3:16they can have plastic liners to3:18straighten their teeth out as well3:21[Music]3:25my job as an orthodontist is to give my3:27patient a beautiful smile and my3:30patients motivation compliance3:32throughout treatment is essential to3:35making that happen if I find that my3:37patient starts to not follow3:39instructions as well what I generally do3:41is show them pictures of what can happen3:43and the consequences of not following3:46instructions properly3:52compliance is not and after teeth are3:54moved into their final position there is3:56a stage of orthodontic treatment called3:59retention where if necessary4:01orthodontist will prescribe you retainer4:04where if your orthodontist doesn't4:06prescribe your retainer where it is4:08essential that you follow his or her4:10instructions4:11[Music]4:15there are many benefits of orthodontic4:18treatment for children4:19there's obviously an improvement and not4:21only the way they're teaching fit4:22together and their ability to chew but4:25also in the child's ability to clean4:27their teeth which is important for the4:28long-term health of the team4:30additionally many children find a boost4:33in their self-confidence as they have4:35more comfort in their ability to smile

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