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Posted by Beglin Orthodontics on 01/30/2017

What questions to ask at your Orthodontic Consultation

7 Must-ask questions at your orthodontic consultation.

0:00Rachel the doctor will be with you two0:07in just a minute0:09make sure you have everything you need0:11okay sounds great thanks0:14do you uh-huh do you have everything you0:17need0:18who are you my name's Cara and I'm a0:21different kind of tooth fairy0:24usually you have everything sure i have0:27my insurance info & of his information0:29but what about you know all the0:32questions you should ask during your0:34consultation like how long it will take0:36and stuff like that0:38no I guess not well yes to ask that but0:41there are even more important questions0:43that you need to keep in mind like well0:47for example did you attend a full-time0:51orthodontic specialist residency will0:54correct my bite and straighten all of my0:57teeth can you show me cases that you've0:59treated that are similar to mine1:01however your treatment plan affect my1:03facial profile did an orthodontic1:05specialist treat your children smile did1:08an orthodontic specialist treat your1:10smile1:11oh wow I can't even think of those and1:14they seemed kind of important1:16hey it's what I'm here for don't worry I1:19already wrote them down for you1:21thanks Rachel the doctor will see you1:24and Dan now about his braces so are you1:27excited about getting your braces today1:28all in a group1:30wait Rachel that list is great but if1:33you see this logo1:35you don't have to worry about all that1:36this means you're in the good hands of1:39an AAA ooo orthodontist if not well you1:43may want to keep that this Tandy1:46great all in a day's work

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