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About SelectBraces 

Welcome to SelectBraces.com – a website that helps orthodontists connect 

with consumers, manage their online reputation and expand their digital footprint.  


My name is Emily Beglin and I’m a full-time Webmaster and Content 
Manager making a living from this new and dynamic digital medium.

I’m also a mother, dentist and wife of an orthodontic specialist…. but 
more of that shortly.

From Hobby to Jobbie

In late 2014 I stumbled upon a quote, “The only way to predict the 
future,is to create it.” I didn’t know it at the time, but that moment 
changed my life. I know statements like that belong on those cheesy,
“buy my $1k training program,” websites (don’t worry I am not selling 
anything) but this is completely true.

Within 24 hours of reading the quote, I purchased a $0.99 URL and started my own website – a directory of orthodontists where I’ve connected consumers with local orthodontists ever since. I’ve learned so much from the experience of working with consumers and orthodontists, that I have since started offering additional services. 

As SelectBraces.com has grown in popularity and these services have begun to generate income, website content creation and management has grown from a hobby (some would say an obsession), to a part-time job to a fully-fledged business in recent times. I have slowly built my business into an income source that has enabled me to dedicate more and more time to the medium to the point where I am currently a full-time Content Manager and Webmaster – at SelectBraces.

Why SelectBraces?

This site is dedicated to helping connect orthodontists with consumers, allow orthodontists to showcase their own practice differentiators online and work to promote and preserve the specialty of orthodontics.

I started SelectBraces in 2014 mainly because I wanted a directory that was exclusive to orthodontic residents and residency- trained orthodontic specialists who have completed a program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) or the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC).. Other directories allow general dentists to, “check the ortho box,” when completing their online profile, thereby enabling a mixture of general dentists and orthodontists to be displayed in search results on both directories and search engines. This is misleading to consumers and a disservice to the specialty.

As the wife of an orthodontic specialist, friend and acquaintance to hundreds of orthodontists around the world, I have a sincere and vested interest in the specialty.

If you would like more information about SelectBraces and the services we offer, please get in touch through my contact  pageor schedule a quick  call.

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