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Have you ever heard of a text-enabled business number? 


Well, if you haven't that's OK - we'll fill you in. If you have, you're likely here to find out, "What's the big deal?" Your orthodontic practice can incorporate text into your daily processes just like calls or emails! Here are just three examples from Kenneth Burke, Marketing Director at Text Request, of opportunities for your orthodontic practice when you text-enable your business number.


1. Bring in More Revenue

New Patient OpportunitiesOne of the most important goals for a healthy orthodontic practice is to get more patients into treatment, right? Using a text-enabled business number can help increase potential new patient inquiries in a very sneaky way. As Burke points out, "Texting is the native language of mobile devices, and since 2014, the majority of internet/website traffic has come from mobile devices." 

With a Text-enabled business number, you can add a Click-to-Text button on your mobile website. By engaging current parents and patients as well as potential new patients in their preferred method of communication, you’re able to increase the number of potential new patients contacting your office. This is simple to set up, and the folks over at Text Request help you get it done with ease. If you're reading this on your smartphone, click here to see it in action!

Conversions: Email open rates are very low. 1 in 5 people answer phone calls (if you’re lucky). No one listens to their voicemail anymore. Yet 99%+ of all texts are read, with a 45% response rate and an average response time of 90 seconds. What would that do for your new-start ratios?

In your conversion process you use emails, you make phone calls, you mail marketing materials, and now you’re going to send text messages. If nothing else, text is great for setting up a time to talk more in depth. Example: “Hey [Greg], this is [Amanda at Practice Name]. I saw your appointment request come in, when would be a good time to talk? Thanks!”

Burke says, the practices who work with Text Request continually prove that texting with your business number is a great way to increase prospective patient interest, starts, and overall revenue.


 2. Improve the Patient Experience

Fact: Patients and parents today are mobile. Nearly everything they do can be, and usually is, done from their smartphones. Consumers are constantly on their phones, are rarely far from their phones and prefer using their phones for most tasks... because it’s simple. Therefor, given the opportunity, a patient or potential new patient, would rather text your practice than have to pick up the phone to call someone else, like a competitor, because it’s simpler! For inquiries such as asking how late you're open, which insurance you accept, scheduling and rescheduling appointments, receiving reminders and updates, or whatever else, most people prefer to be reached via text message.

By engaging patients and parents where they are, you boost the overall patient experience. Your practice is providing them the customer service for which they've been clamoring! This increases patient satisfaction and referrals, and sets you apart from your competition. Using a text-enabled business number highlights your practice's cutting-edge technology and your attention to the needs of your patients.

  Text Enabled Business Number  


3. Save Time

Time is money for you and for your parents and patients. By providing this efficiency, you’re respecting your patients time and saving your team from unnecessary phone calls and phone tag. Who's going to miss that game? The staff can then dedicate the time saved to more important tasks. 

Need to communicate the same message to multiple people? A text-enabled business number can handle it! No need spending time repeating yourself to everyone, making multiple phone calls. Free your inner task-master with 2-way business texting! You can handle multiple things at once. No more dropping everything you’re working on as soon as the phone rings or missing greeting a favorite patient because you're stuck on the phone.

Save yourself time, hassle, and money with a text-enabled business number.





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