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Begin Orthodontist is amazing. They are professional and reliable. They are also able to resolve issues quick.

Submitted by Andy on Monday, Sep 12, 2022

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My experience with Dr. Beglin and his team was nothing short of AMAZING. Not only was I an adult braces case but I also needed corrective jaw surgery in the middle of my orthodontic treatment and set me up with an awesome oral surgeon. He worked with my hectic schedule and the convenience of him having multiple offices allowed to me to begin my treatment in the rural Bishop area where I am from, and when I got into nursing school in the middle of treatment, he and his team were able to switch my appointments to the main office in Carson City office without skipping a beat. Dr. Beglin has taken the time to thoroughly explain my treatment plan to me which is rare! I had a handful of orthodontic consultations before beginning my treatment with Dr. Beglin and I knew he was the right choice because he is an honest person and runs such a great operation and his team really enjoys working for him! The team at Beglin orthodontics really does make you feel right at home. I had the pleasure of working with Amanda, Maria, Mary, and Paula. I was mostly with Amanda, and she has a true gift at calming my anxious nerves. She always answered my questions or made sure I asked Dr. Beglin the questions I needed answered (because I was too shy at times to ask). She was always so willing to help me switch around appointments if needed and even gave me her cell # and told me to reach out anytime. When you are going to monthly appointments for 2 ½ years, you really form relationships with these amazing women that work with Dr. Beglin. Amanda, thank you for being a part of this journey with me! Our talks at my appointments were some of the best. Oh Maria, thank you for not letting me spit out that impression mold. You gave me the “mom” treatment when I needed it. You didn’t let me quit and spit it out and at first, I was mad at you, but you are the best because you were saving me from having to do it again!!!! Mary, you have such a calming presence about you! Getting my braces off yesterday 8/2/22 was an experience filled with mixed emotions for me because I have been through so much to get to this point. You listened to me the whole time and dealt with my endless happy tears yesterday. Thank you for being so genuine. Paula, what a road it has been. I remember meeting you at my consultation with Dr. Beglin!!! You were so kind and really helped explain my treatment plan and gave me all the information I needed for the financial aspect as I was paying out of pocket. Thank you for everything!!! I hope this novel about the team at Beglin orthodontics helps others decide that this is the best team to go with if you or a family member needs orthodontic treatment. It is rare to find this type of personalized treatment nowadays. Thank you all for being you! I love my smile, and my face hurts from smiling so much!

Submitted by Terica Haer on Wednesday, Aug 03, 2022

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